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3 Keys to Strengthen Your Determination

You will achieve your goals with these 3 Keys to Strengthen Your Determination! Every goal you set takes some degree

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Find Your Truth

As you go through this life, you have to find your truth. By this I mean, find what is true

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Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award for Bloggers 2019 Have you been nominated for the Liebster Award? I got nominated, and I wasn’t

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New Mindset New Results

How to Improve Your Mindset

Mindset is one of those things that impacts so much of your life, but it’s really easy to overlook or ignore. Improve your Mindset!

How to Overcome Struggle

Everyone has struggles and we need to learn how to overcome them. Throughout life, you will be continually met with

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Hidden Path : Image from Pixaby

The Hidden Path

The Hidden Path Have you ever struggled with a situation where you didn’t know what to do, or you just

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Real Thoughts

To my readers…

I want to say thank you to all my readers! The support and encouragement I’ve gotten on this blog in

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How to create a Budget

Occasionally I post about personal finance because it’s critical to overall well being. You can’t show up and be your

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~Under the Tree ~ (A poem)

Under the tree across the field Something calls that’s all to real A new dawn arises to bring the light

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#1 Way to Improve Yourself and Change Your Life!

How do you improve yourself? Certainly, we can all do better and be more than we were before. You should

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How to Make Every Moment Count!

What do you do to make every moment count? Life is a collection of moments, some we remember forever, but

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How to find Your Courage and Be More Courageous!

How do you find courage and be more courageous? For many, courage is just facing fear. That is a part

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Versatile Blogger Award!!

Thanks so much to Ilona for nominating Real Thoughts!, she has a very energetic blog that’s full of positivity! Easy

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Personal Development and Guidance: Be Your Best Self! – Real Thoughts

Do you strive to improve? Personal development tips and advice are great ways to begin thinking of how you can

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How to Use the Power of Habit!

What are your habits? Do you know what your habits are? Habits happen. We all have them, and they generally

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Find Your Balance!

Do you have a balanced life? In all things we need balance. One area most struggle with is work-life balance.

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Through the Storm

~ Through the Storm ~ (A Poem)

Through the Storm Through the storm we all must go Light grows dim and hearts fall low We move along

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Live with Respect

Do you live with respect? Fist things first, you need to respect yourself. How people treat you is often reflected

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The Power of Intention

As you go through your day, set an intention. Clarify in your mind what you intend to do, how you

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Comparison: A Killer of Joy

It’s natural to compare yourself to others. Even though it’s natural to compare yourself to those around you, it’s critical

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