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What are you refusing to accept?

There are things we all have to accept, but this post may provide a new perspective on that.

Acceptance can be used as a tool to overcome. For example, when trying to stop a bad habit such as smoking, accepting that you’re having a craving actually increases your ability to withstand it.

Acceptance is an important first step to change. You first have to accept that there is a problem before you can change it.

Acceptance as opposed to denial is often needed to overcome challenges. You have to accept your limitations to seek help when needed.

Acceptance is also critical when dealing with a painful loss. Trying to understand why or looking for an explication will not help. Acceptance of what has been lost will. It will allow you to move forward.

I hope this post helps you see how acceptance can be used as a tool to overcome.

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    1. They are close, but i’d say that the difference between the two is similar to the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge.
      Being aware is knowing (in your head) and acceptance is knowing on a deeper level (in your heart). Kind of like when you are told something vs when you learn it for yourself.

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