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Are you compassionate?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget compassion. We can get caught up with our lives and focus on ourselves more than others. It’s an easy trap because after all, we live life through our own eyes.

When you see a stranger in need, do you feel compassion for them or do you just keep going? The answer to this can greatly depend on what’s happening in your world and have very little to do with the person in need.

This is unfortunate. So many just need a smile or acknowledgement. This small act of compassion can have a huge effect. It’s also unfortunate that some will take advantage of a kind heart.

Because of this, you have to choose who to show compassion for. After all, you can’t help everyone.

We often get bogged down mentally with the number of choices in our daily lives, so this choice often gets made automatically, the default being to just keep going.

This is sad because so many opportunities to show compassion and kindness get passed by. You can make a positive difference in the world one moment at a time by being a little more compassionate to others. Animals included.

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