Failure is an Illusion!

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Many people struggle with failure, here’s why you shouldn’t:

First, you have to understand that failure is part of success. It happens to everyone, especially when you are trying something new or trying to take things to a new level. It’s part of the process to becoming successful!

You are not a failure! No matter how many times you fail or fall short of your goal, you are not a failure. You just have to keep trying and believe in yourself!

A famous story is of Thomas Edison who failed at making a lightbulb over 9000 times, but refused to give up because of faith that he could make it work. Finally after countless attempts, he was successful.

And you know what, as soon as you are successful, any amount of failures are meaningless compared to your success!

No one learned how to ride a bike without falling. It’s part of the process. Failure is an illusion! Never ever judge yourself as a failure!

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