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Being happy is something everyone seeks but few know how to achieve.

What makes you happy?

The answer to this question can vary wildly from person to person. Many will answer materialistically, some will answer more deeply but the key is that being happy is not a destination. It’s a process of being that you can manifest along your journey.

Things that bring you pleasure don’t bring you happiness. Too many confuse the two. People that seek drugs, alcohol or sex for pleasure in their pursuit of happiness quickly find that these things actually have the opposite effect.

Happiness is best achieved through helping others. There is a reason that financially independent people continue to work when they don’t have to. It’s because they create value for others.

Creating value for others and helping others can bring you true fulfillment and happiness like nothing else!

This is commonly experienced through raising a child. Parents who help a child develop find real inner happiness because of this principle.

Actually, any act of kindness you can do for another has been shown to increase happiness. It’s something we are naturally wired to enjoy.

Try doing some acts of kindness this week to help others and see for yourself. You’ll just feel better. I hope this helps you find your happiness!

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