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Growth is painful but necessary.

Anytime you experience a painful time in your life, it is an opportunity to grow. To grow stronger as a person and grow stronger in spirit.

You’ve heard the cliché to “learn from your mistakes”. Let’s take it a step further, there is real meaning behind this.

“Sometimes things have to fall apart for them to fall together”

Growth and discomfort go hand in hand. This is why those that seek growth often step outside their comfort zone to find it.

Every time you enter a difficult time in your life there is something for you to learn. Every single time.

It’s not the kind of learning you get from the outside, it’s the kind of learning you do from within.

Everyone is on a journey through life and no one’s path is the same. We all have lessons to learn. Be open to them and look for them when your path becomes rocky.

Many times the hardships will repeat until you learn the lesson and can move forward on your path. We all have lessons to learn and we can all help each other along the way.

Next time you enter a difficult time, remember that you’ve been given an opportunity to learn something and keep an open mind to see it. Also remember that it will pass.


Have you found growth from your hardships?

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