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How to Use the Power of Habit!

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How to Use the Power of Habit!

What is your habit?

Do you know what your habits are? Habits happen. We all have them, and they generally creep up on us without us ever realizing it.

When we do realize our habits, it’s usually because their bad habits. This gives habits a bad wrap. Habits can be positive too. I bet you have some positive habits!

The thing about habits is they will form whether we try to shape them or not. Usually, when we are not mindful of our actions, habits form on their own, and they can be less than helpful.

Habits are powerful. If you’ve ever tried to break one, then you already know this. Why not use this power to your advantage? Point is, you can be mindful of your actions and shape your habits to help you meet your goals!

Say you want to be more productive, you can make a habit of waking up earlier and taking some time to plan your day. Whatever your target habit is, shape it so it helps you achieve your goals.

There is lots of different opinions about how long it takes to form a habit, but one measure that seems to stick is 28 days. Once you keep repeating a daily behavior for about a month, it will begin to really stick and become second nature.

We all have habits and they form from our daily lives, so be mindful and make your habits serve you! Use the power of habit to be your best self!

This is the real power of habit: the insight that your habits are what you choose them to be

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  1. There’s a lot you can do to make a habit stick too!

    One of my favorites is to trick yourself into making it easier to doing the thing you want to turn into a habit.

    When I wake up I have to shut my alarm off in my office, so it’s much easier for me to get straight to work in the mornings- also I set the coffee brewer for the minute my alarm goes off so I can manage to stay awake!

    You can do stuff like this for every habit!

    Keep growing my friend.

  2. That made me think as I normally associate habits with something negative /bad that I want to stop. I like the idea of using habits in a positive way instead. Thanks and look forward to reading more

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