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“As above, so Below. As within so without.” The Emerald tablets. Circa 3000b.c.

The inward is far greater than the outward. The outward is a reflection of the inward.

As far as the universe expands, it pales in comparison to the inward expanse of the mind.

True change comes from within. Start from the inside out. We all see things though lenses that we’ve developed throughout our lives. We need to examine these lenses and understand our inner paradigms. Only then can we have a paradigm shift.

Two people can have the same experience and walk away with completely different results. This is a result of the way we see things.

Being aware of this, or more mindful of this can enable us to grow more and have more empathy for what someone else is experiencing.

Take a moment in your day to ask yourself how am I viewing this? How would I view this differently if I were someone else?

This simple exercise only takes a moment and can open your mind and expand your thoughts to new ways of handling things.

Life is what you make it! Never stop becoming, never stop learning, and never limit yourself to the only options you see right in front of you!

Have a blessed day my friends!

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PS: I just did this post quickly from my phone so apologies for any grammatical errors. Also, little man is 1 month now and doing great!! I hope to post more soon! I miss y’all!

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