Simple Investment Advice for Piece of Mind

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Do you save for a rainy day?

Investing is a huge topic area and this is by no means a financial blog. Occasionally you will see a finance related post because it is an important aspect to have a balanced happy life.

When it comes to investing, keep things simple. Use a low cost total market index fund. As far as a broker, I recommend M1 finance. They charge zero trade fees and allow you to invest in anything you want using fractional shares.

You can find lots of info on the specifics but put simply, it means every dollar you invest goes to work. The power of compounding is awesome and you’ll love seeing your money grow over time.

Just start small and set up a recurring deposit amount. Vanguard ETFs are recommended. Keep it running and you’ll have peace of mind that you are building wealth.

Don’t stress over money, there are so many things in life that are more important! Once you learn the key principles of saving, investing a few dollars a month and living within your means, you’ll soon not have to stress over money again.

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