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“As above, so Below. As within so without.” The Emerald tablets. Circa 3000b.c. The inward is far greater than the

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Mirroring Ball

What Would You Tell Yourself?

What would you tell yourself if you could talk to you in the past? I read an inspiring blog post

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3 Keys to Strengthen Your Determination

You will achieve your goals with these 3 Keys to Strengthen Your Determination! Every goal you set takes some degree

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Hidden Path : Image from Pixaby

The Hidden Path

The Hidden Path Have you ever struggled with a situation where you didn’t know what to do, or you just

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How to create a Budget

Occasionally I post about personal finance because it’s critical to overall well being. You can’t show up and be your

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How to Make Every Moment Count!

What do you do to make every moment count? Life is a collection of moments, some we remember forever, but

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Versatile Blogger Award!!

Thanks so much to Ilona for nominating Real Thoughts!, she has a very energetic blog that’s full of positive thoughts!

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The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention There is great power in setting your intentions. As you go through your day, set an

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Facing the CrossRoads

Have you passed them? There are times in life when you will hit a crossroads. A point along your path

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5 Ways to Build Your Resilience

Many things will happen that will discourage you along your journey. It’s unavoidable. Because of this, you need to build

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The Fire

I’ve found something powerful I want to share with you. I call it the fire. You will at some point

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F. U. Money

In today’s world, you need F. U. money! Our society is such that credit and loans are made easily available

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Make it Happen

Have you ever thought of something you wanted but didn’t know how to get it? The first step is focusing

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The Dragon is Real

Many times and in many ways you will see the dragon. Most refuse to acknowledge the dragon and say the

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You can’t make the Buddha Mad

One day an angry man approached the Buddha. He began yelling and insulting the Buddha. The Buddha smiled at him.

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Will Power

Will power is something a lot of people struggle with. A lot of people think you either have it or

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