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The Devil of Isolation

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The Devil of Isolation

Whatever your going through someone already has been through it. We seem to forget this when we face adversity and we naturally pull back from others. In small doses, this can be okay however, there is a downside. Meet the devil of isolation.

Whenever we begin to pull back from others, we begin to limit our point of view. We let our thoughts run wild and we forget about how limited and distorted our own point of view can be. Your point of view can be especially limited when you are emotionally effected by something.

Solitude is healthy because we all need to take a moment for ourselves every now and then. What I mean by isolation is when you begin to loose all desire to spend time with others and prefer being alone. This can lead to depression and can quickly get out of hand.


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Handling it

If this happens to you, or you find yourself in this situation, remember this: You are human and you are built to interact with others. It’s not healthy to dislike social contact or interaction with others. If you’ve had bad experiences, try thinking about why and what you can do to have better ones.

You should begin with small steps. Share your thoughts and feelings with others so you can get another point of view. You also shouldn’t share your feelings with just anyone. Share your thoughts and feelings with someone who can keep things private. One of the worst things I see are deeply personal or private matters shared on social media. Social media is not the place to share your personal thoughts and private situations.

Have you had times when you find yourself seeking isolation? I think it happens for all of us, however, the key is to not let it go too far. Be aware of the devils in your life and avoid the traps of depression and despair. Seek counseling if you find yourself there.


You need to get out there and interact with others. You are made to be social. Don’t let anxiety or fear hold you back! There is a devil in Isolation!

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