The Dragon is Real

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Many times and in many ways you will see the dragon. Most refuse to acknowledge the dragon and say the dragon isn’t real. They deny and ignore the dragon, keeping it in the dark. This is where the dragon grows, and it grows to such proportions that it can no longer be ignored.

Chaos and terror are the dragon. And the dragon is real. When you see the dragon, you must recognize and acknowledge the dragon. Bring it to the light where it can be defeated before it grows to overwhelming proportions. The dragon is real. Don’t let it grow in your shadow. Holding your tongue to keep the peace will only start a war within. The dragon is real and you must face it!

This story signifies the importance of facing the uncomfortable. Many times in life it will be easier to look the other way or pretend there is not a problem, however, when u face the dragon you will find that it helps you grow and become stronger. I hope this story sticks with you as a reminder to face the dragon before it grows, whatever your dragon may be.

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