The Fire

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I’ve found something powerful I want to share with you. I call it the fire.

You will at some point be overwhelmed with the seemingly endless list of things to do, or tasks to be done. Or look around and get that hopeless feeling, or sense of pointlessness at the never ending battle that some call the to-do list. It happens to us all.

You can overcome this. You can reach inside yourself and use the fire! The fire is an endless drive or energy that empowers you.

You have this energy in you. We all do. Your will be done. Just take action and use the fire inside you to smash any task at hand. Using this mindset, you will amaze yourself at how productive you can be.

Most call this drive. And few know where drive comes from, but you know it’s real and some have it in astounding proportion. The fire is drive. The fire is an endless source of energy, power and action.

Once you are aware of it inside yourself, you can summon it as needed. Use the fire that burns inside you and you can accomplish and make progress on any task. The key is to take action. The fire gives you the energy to take action.

Use Your Fire and Make it Happen!

Have you found your fire? How did you first come to know of it? I’d love to hear your story!

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