The Magic

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Have you ever wondered…?

There is magic is in you! Have you ever wondered what it’s all for? Why is it that you are you? It’s because of the magic.

The divine energy that radiates in all of us. Magic is the term used to describe what we don’t fully understand. Your spark is the magic. The same magic that connects all things. It’s all in you.

Once you realize this, you’ll realize how silly our concerns can be. It doesn’t matter what someone thinks about you. Or what someone said.

What matters is that you learn on your journey and grow your spark. Use the magic in you to be the best you there can be! Find your spark and share your light!

The magic in you is unbound and limitless. Your potential is limitless. All you have to do is connect to it. Feel it and share it. Share it through helping others, share it though love, and share it through kindness.

The magic is in everyone and every living thing. It’s what gives us life. It is the divine! Find the magic inside you and bring your wonder to the world!

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