The Power of Gratitude

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What are you grateful for?

It’s far to easy to get caught up in the business of life and overlook the blessings we have. Taking the time to appreciate and be mindful of all the wonderful things in your life is gratitude.

Gratitude is very powerful. Appreciating the things you have makes you happier inside and also makes you realize how good you have it.

In the world today we have a better quality of life than the richest man in the world 500 years ago. That’s a powerful thought. Never before in recorded history have people had so many luxuries.

It’s easy to overlook them. It’s easy to focus on what you don’t have, but that mindset only brings negative thoughts. Being grateful and expressing gratitude brings so much positive energy to you. The power of it is hard to describe.

When you adopt the mindset of gratitude, you will begin to feel the power of it. You won’t feel down or bored and you’ll even be more resistant to feelings of lack or loss.

With gratitude in your heart you harmonize with positivity and thus attract more of it into your life. You’ll begin to see things in a new light. Like cleaning a dirty window you’ll be amazed at the clearer view.

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