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Through the Veil

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Through The Veil

There are times in life when you have to pass through the veil. These are times when you are faced with a change, and you cant see what the outcome will be, like graduating college and not knowing where your first job will be or where you will live. These time can be scary as hell.

How many times have you passed through a Veil in your life?

There have only been a few in my life, but what I’ve learned is that these times are when Faith is critical! You can’t always feel safe and secure knowing exactly how things will work out or what it will be like on the other side. You have to have faith and move forward.

The challenging part of this is not knowing. The fear of uncertainty. This can also happen when you are faced with a decision to go for it or not. Not going for it means staying inside your comfort zone where everything may not be perfect, but at least your familiar with the situation. As nice as this sounds, this can be a bad thing.

Stepping outside your comfort zone is where you grow and become more than you are. Some people don’t worry about growth or development, but chances are, if you are reading this, then your probably not one of those people. Personal development and growth are essential to fulfillment and happiness.

Most people end up regretting the things they didn’t do. People regret the chances they didn’t take. This is because even when you take a chance and fail, you can learn or grow from the experience. You can’t do that when you let fear hold you back. Staying inside your comfort zone may be the easier choice, but it leaves you forever wondering “what if”.

Take the leap next time you face a Veil in your life. Win or Loose, you will be proud of yourself for having the courage to act. And you will learn from the experience. Our actions define us. So next time you are faced with an unknown outcome, and you have to make a choice, What will you do?

Will you go through the Veil?

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“Taking the First Step into the Unknown is the Hardest Part” – Real Thoughts    Image via Pixabay


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