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What Would You Tell Yourself?

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What would you tell yourself if you could talk to you in the past?

I read an inspiring blog post the other day about a blogger who posted a letter to his former self when he began his blogging journey. It really got me thinking. If you could go back in time and give yourself a message, what would it be? What challenges have you overcome or past worries did you have that you would tell yourself not to worry about and how things would work out? You would probably tell yourself that things will work out and you’d probably tell yourself about all the awesome things to come.

Now turn that lens around. Take a moment to imagine your future self as everything you want to be. What do you imagine your future self would tell the present you? What challenges are there in your life that you can’t see past right now? You can gain some motivation by just imagining all the good things to come. You can achieve your goals! There will be times of adversity and hardship, but they will pass.

One day, you might look back and think, “i wish i could tell my old self all of these things”. Don’t wait for that day, imagine it now. Use your faith and know that you are making the things happen that will lead to your best life, your best self! You can always start now, if you feel like your not doing the right things. It’s never too late to start!

What would you tell yourself? Are there things in your life you would tell yourself to stop? If so, this is a clue to how you can improve. Are there things you would tell yourself to do more of? You get the point.

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The big picture

The process of imagining yourself as you want to be, then reflecting back on your current self as if you were that future self is a powerful way to set intent for your life. Having clarity of intent is a key first step to achieving the life you want. You shouldn’t expect things to just fall in your lap!

Try this practice anytime you want and it only takes a few moments. You may be surprised at what you realize.


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