Who’s Your Coach?

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Are you Coachable?

Life is a learning process. Long after school and studies you will still have many things to learn. Because we all have our own lessons to learn, there will be people that have the wisdom you seek.

Be open minded enough to recognize these people and seek their advice. Let them coach you. There’s great vale in having a mentor or a coach.

Have you ever tried to work with someone or teach someone who just wanted to quit or give up? It’s frustrating and you’ll quickly stop trying to help them. You can’t help people that won’t help themselves.

Be Coachable. Be humble and seek guidance and advice. Chances are you already know someone who can help you greatly with whatever challenges you face.

By seeking advice and being coachable, people are more willing to help you and guide you along your journey.

If you don’t have people like this in your life, keep an eye out for them whenever you meet new people.

Another great source is through reading. Read a lot! There are two main ways your life will change; through the people you meet and the books you read. So if you don’t meet new people often, pick up a new book!

Whatever you do, be coachable!

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