You can’t make the Buddha Mad

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One day an angry man approached the Buddha. He began yelling and insulting the Buddha. The Buddha smiled at him. The man became even more outraged and continued his behavior. The Buddha simply smiled. The man, full of rage, demanded to know why the Buddha smiled. The Buddha smiled and asked the man, “if I offer you a gift and you don’t receive it, to whom does the gift belong?” The man looked puzzled and said, “to you of course”. The Buddha then responded “exactly”.

When someone offers you anger or negativity, simply do not accept their gift. Allowing someone else to anger or upset you gives them power over you. Do not accept negativity or anger from others for they will quickly share it if you do.

This story of the Buddha has stuck with me over the years and always served as a reminder to not give others power over me. I hope it does the same for you.

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