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Hey Bloggers,

Do any of you blog for side income? If so, are you successful?

It seems like all i see on the blogs are other bloggers… Are we all just blogging to each other, or are there blogs that really reach out beyond WordPress?

I’ve had this site for some time, and initially, i had a lot of fun with the blogs and comments and some engaging readers, but over time i found if i’m not constantly posting, my stats fall through the floor…

I’d like to think I’ve created some meaningful content and advice, but it seems if it’s not freshly posted, it’s in some waste land of forgotten blog content.

Sure people can search through the archives, but who does that… ?  Anyways, I’ve been out of practice for some time with my blog… i don’t want to just let it die, cause there’s some really good advice and such..

Anyways, if you’ve previously been a reader of Real Thoughts blog, and are seeing this because you followed the blog at some point, i’m struggling to decide if i should try and keep it going or just let it go…

Life has been crazy with my newest little man and 3 yr old and i’m also caring for an aging parent, so my plate has been super full and that’s why i haven’t been very active, but for those on here that actually blog, or write for income, i’d love to hear what makes you tick and why you keep it up!

Please leave your comments below! Its no fun without dialog  !

Real Thoughts Blogger (Alex)


  1. I would love to help but I’m blogging for one year and half but very little income so far…
    However, I do it I guess more as a hobby because I still need to find out how I can monetize it 🤪

    1. Thanks! I’ve followed your blog for a while. It’s not all about money, but it would be nice to feel like it was meaningful. Hopefully to some it is. I agree, I’ve done it for a hobby, and just haven’t had much time for my own hobbies lately.

      1. True! Making money from a hobby will be great but yes, I would like to feel like what I do is meaningful! That is most important 😉
        I guess that is the “thing” that keeps us moving forward and keep blogging with ups and downs 😉

  2. Great question. I blog to connect to others and to give and receive support as we all try to make sense of this life and try to move forward and grow. By sharing my fears and experiences many folks can relate, chime in, and at the point we don’t feel so alone. I don’t do it for money or amount of followers or likes. Me and my group here on WordPress I like to call a motley crew of cape crusaders who are so brave sharing things usually never discussed. The thing I feel many bloggers don’t seem to get is that this is just like any other relationship. You can’t just post daily no matter how great you feel your content is and expect people to flock to your site. That’s a one sided relationship that obviously won’t work. Bloggers need to genuinely go to other bloggers sites and read their entries and provide love and support via comments. Once a connection like that is formed at times you can even provide what has worked for you. I find it meaningful for me with these new loving connections. I probably went way off topic on this but I’ve seen this question asked different ways on different sites and thought I’d dig into it a bit. Thanks,

    1. Thanks so much Dwight! Your absolutely right. And that’s been my reason as well, to share my perspective on things and advice in hopes that it can help others. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like I’ve made any real connections through it. I did find that I really enjoy blogging as a hobby, but I got a little carried away upgrading my site and all and then as soon as I wasn’t posting frequently, it all but dried up. My renewal is soon, so I’m still toying with whether or not I should continue it. Obviously time is limited so I want to put my energy into something that will be lasting. I might try and do a book, but have no idea where to start with that. Anyways, thanks for the comment and feedback!

  3. Do you follow I follow him and have learned a lot from him. Basically, making money from blogging is hard work. It can happen if you are consistent and never give up. This is according to him. Makes sense to me!

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