The Mirror

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As above so below. As within so without.” The Emerald Tablets circa 3000 B.C.

Your reality is a mirror of your internal self. Your thoughts shape the world around you. You might wonder how this can be when so many things happen that are outside of your control.

Two people can have the exact same experience and walk away with completely different outcomes. The majority of your life is shaped by how you respond.

How you respond is an indication of your internal self. Change comes from within. Answers come from within. Contrary to this, many people search for meaning and answers outwardly.

Your thoughts are powerful! They shape your actions and your inner self. Your inner voice (what you tell yourself) has more power than most realize. Use it wisely and be kind to yourself.

Love yourself and have faith in yourself. Seek positive change within and you will see it reflected. The world around you is a mirror of your internal self.

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