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I want to say thank you to all my readers! The support and encouragement I’ve gotten on this blog in just the few short months of blogging has been amazing!

I’ve taken some steeps to upgrade my site and moved to the business plan offered by WordPress. So far, the functionality is awesome!

I was on the premium plan, and running the generic ads offered by WordPress. This was terrible. The ads were so bad. I took them off my site and started doing some research on how to offer quality ads that are based on the viewers’ preference rather than generic content.

Lone behold, I discovered Google Adsense. this is one of the most highly recommend ad services you can run for your blog because it offers the best viewer experience. And that’s what I want for my readers.

Google Adsense requires an approval process from google. Not so bad right? Well maybe not. So far, I’ve been denied 3 times. So I learned that you need a privacy policy among other things. Ok, I don’t collect any data on anyone, but I get it. Readers should know that their information is safe.

Ok. Check. I now have a privacy policy. Now I’ve learned that my posts are too short. Typically, my blog posts are nice and short because they get to the point and I want my readers (all of you) to have a nice easy read with a simple message.

According to what I’ve read, google doesn’t consider your content to bring value if it’s not well over 500 words. Sometimes I write poetry and I get a lot of likes on those. Who’s ever done a 500 word poem?? Not me. Lol.

The other snag is my images. I usually google the image I’m thinking of and just download and post it into the content. No worries right? Nope. Turns out, some of those images may have copyright or user privileges assigned to them. Ok. I can respect that.

So now, here I am. I’ve been posting every day for over a month and have many drafts, I’m nowhere near running low on things to blog about. I’ve found a bit of passion with blogging. Who knew?

So now, to get my blog to the next level, I need to go back and edit my older content and increase the length and check the images for usage rights. This is gonna take some time. I can definitely expand on the content, but then the blog no longer becomes a quick boost of personal motivation, but more of a resource for focused study. I’m not sure if that’s what it should be.

So enough of my rant. I just wanted to share my current dilemma and ask the blogger world for some guidance. Most of the readers for this blog are bloggers, so please leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. As a newer blogger I could use it!

PS: this is my longest post ever

Once again, thank you for reading!!!


  1. Congratulations for your business plan! I’m currently on premium plan and I thought to upgrade but not sure yet…also my posts are short as this was the idea: a good short motivational post to start the day 😊🌞

    1. I like the short ones too. And I guess it’s ok, but doesn’t help with getting Adsense. There are some alternatives but I’m not sure yet. I really like all the plugins that are available. You can do a lot!

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