F. U. Money

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In today’s world, you need F. U. money!

Our society is such that credit and loans are made easily available and the accumulation of debt is common place. More and more people accept the burden of debt as a part of life, not realizing how much it imprisons them.

When you avoid debt and begin to build wealth, you will soon have F.U. money. Having F.U. money empowers you to make choices on your terms. It allows you to leave a job if it doesn’t serve you, it allows you to travel, it buys you freedom to make your own choices.

Debt is a disease that that is spread through constant marketing and business practices. Do you think a new car would cost so much if financing wasn’t easily available? Or do you think education would cost as much if student loans weren’t readily accessible? Of course not. There are many traps set for those foolish enough step into them. I’ve learned this the hard way. The line between needs and wants is constantly blurred through advertisements and status quo.

Focus your spending on things that bring value to your life. Live within your means and learn how to invest. Do these things and you will soon have F.U. money!

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